Unbiased technical expert support


Experienced Team of Powerplant Engineers

Engine maintenance is the largest maintenance cost driver. Intelligent Engine Management is essential to achieve cost-effective maintenance without compromising quality or commercial residual value.

KTEAM primary objective is to provide independent and unbiased advice to reduce or avoid engine shop visit maintenance by providing flexible cost-saving solutions.

Customized Asset Management Solutions:

  • Engine Workscoping
  • Shop Visit Management & Invoice Reviews
  • Performance Management & Trend Analysis
  • Tabletop Inspections/Repair Evaluations
  • Repair Management
  • Cost Saving Analysis and Support of Assets
  • On-wing Troubleshooting
  • Technical Records Management
  • Removal Forecast & Planning
  • SB &AD Tracking & Evaluation
  • Engine Exchange / Lease Support
  • Engine Fleet Management Services

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